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Dissolution Accessories & Supplies

Ensure Excellent Dissolution Performance using Agilent Dissolution Accessories

Agilent provides a full portfolio of dissolution accessories to measure the release rate of an active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) from a dosage form, including tablets, capsules, semisolids, transdermal patches, microspheres, and implants. Our dissolution accessories range from standard system components such as shafts, paddles, baskets, cannula filters, and vessels to more specialized accessories such as intrinsic dissolution.

It is essential to choose compliant dissolution accessories to ensure reproducibility and consistency from test to test. We also offer some dissolution tester parts for non-compendial dissolution apparatus with additional configurations to provide drug release information for the API and topical formulations.

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Featured Literature

Dissolution Systems Source Book - 2020-2021 Edition

The Dissolution Source Book provides details on Agilent’s dissolution portfolio - dissolution apparatus, automated systems, calibration and verification tools, dissolution software, analytical UV-Vis and HPLC integration and physical testing.

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