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Dissolution Baskets

Dissolution Baskets

Dissolution baskets are cylindrical baskets that contain dosage forms and are placed at the end of the rotating shafts for dissolution apparatus 1 or reciprocating apparatus 7 holders. Agilent offers dissolution apparatus baskets that are constructed from non-reactive mesh to ensure accuracy of testing results. From the standard USP stainless steel 40-mesh basket, to Agilent dissolution baskets with varying mesh sizes (e.g. 20-mesh baskets, 10- mesh baskets), to baskets specific to small or large dosage forms, Agilent supports your needs. Inert PTFE or gold coatings for dissolution baskets are available to avoid API adsorption on stainless steel surfaces.

Unless otherwise noted, all of our dissolution baskets fit the standard basket shafts to perform dissolution apparatus basket tests.

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