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100 Automated Disintegration Apparatus

100 Automated Disintegration Apparatus

Drug dosage forms must be tested for disintegration. The test is performed to ensure both maximum active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) contact is achieved with the media and subsequent API bioavailability. The disintegration test is an important quality control process. Whether the goal is disintegration testing of tablets or capsules, an automated disintegration apparatus helps ensure that the proper manufacturing controls are in place. The fully programmable Agilent 100 automated disintegration apparatus provides a reliable, compliant approach to disintegration testing. The reciprocating drive system, water bath, and heater/circulator are incorporated into a single instrument with a compact, bench space-saving design. The apparatus is available in a three-basket model and comes complete with accessories required to perform the standard United States Pharmacopeia disintegration test (USP <701>).

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