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SureGuide Chemically Synthesized sgRNA

SureGuide Chemically Synthesized sgRNA


Agilent’s SureGuide Chemically Synthesized sgRNAs are the industry standard for quality nucleic acids. Using a patented, proprietary chemistry1 makes the synthesis of long RNA oligonucleotides as robust and efficient as DNA synthesis. This chemistry is used to synthesize and deliver ultra-high-quality CRISPR guides that have few contaminants. Agilent developed several unique chemical modifications that improve the efficiency, stability and specificity of guide RNAs in a variety of cell types.2, 3

United States Patent Applications:
US20160289675, US20180051281 - GUIDE RNA WITH CHEMICAL MODIFICATIONS, Ryan, et al
US20170355985 - High Specificity Genome Editing Using Chemically Modified Guide RNAs, Dellinger, et al.

Agilent’s CRISPR products licenses: Limited License Caribou Biosciences, Inc. & Limited License Broad Institute
For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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