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Achieve Your Research Goals with Agilent CRISPR Solutions ​

Accelerate your CRISPR research with our genome editing solutions ranging from SureGuide Purified chemically synthesized sgRNA to pooled screens utilizing the Agilent SurePrint Oligonucleotide Library Synthesis platform. Identify targets using either genome-scale pooled CRISPR libraries or focused, customizable pooled screens. Continue investigation and characterization of your identified targets from the pooled screen with Agilent’s reliable and efficient chemically synthesized single-guide RNAs (sgRNA). Leverage our expertise in nucleic acid synthesis and patented stabilizing chemical modifications to interrogate gene function with SureGuide Purified CRISPR sgRNA for quick and easy editing that generates consistent and reproducible results.​

CRISPR Chemically Synthesized sgRNA

Chemically Synthesized sgRNA

CRISPR Libraries

CRISPR/Cas9 libraries to Reduce Cost and Optimize Targeted Genome Workflows


CRISPR Kits for In Vitro Transcription and Cloning