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ClinGuide GMP CRISPR sgRNAs for Human Therapeutics

ClinGuide GMP CRISPR sgRNAs for Human Therapeutics

Advancing your lead single-guide RNA (sgRNA) oligonucleotide therapeutic candidates through clinical trials to commercialization can be challenging. Agilent is here to support you at every stage of the journey. We understand the importance of high quality GMP manufacturing, timely delivery of material, and the need for robust support throughout your program.

Agilent ClinGuide CRISPR sgRNA delivers the high-quality guide RNA material that you need to meet the rigorous requirements of human clinical trials. Our highly skilled team is uniquely qualified to develop analytical methods and RNA synthesis manufacturing processes that optimize purity and yield for your specific guide RNA. We support development activities for multiple clinical and commercial programs with a team of scientists that have more than 20 years of oligonucleotide synthesis and development experience.

Agilent has consistently demonstrated manufacturing success across a large range of scales to meet customer needs in the synthetic nucleic acid-based therapeutics market. For more than two decades, we have delivered solutions to our customers for development, manufacturing, in-process testing, raw materials analysis, drug substance release, and stability testing.

Together, we can enable better decision making, solve problems, and see your project through to completion. Accelerate the clinical success of your therapeutic gene editing program with Agilent.

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