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Elemental Inorganic Certified Reference Materials

For many testing markets, elemental analyses are key to understanding elemental and isotopic composition. From heavy metals in cannabis to elemental impurities in biodiesel, laboratories need elemental standards to qualify and quantify inorganic impurities.

Agilent offers a comprehensive range of single-element and multi-element inorganic standards for testing elemental impurities in environmental, food, mining, chemical, and pharmaceutical markets. Our portfolio also includes instrument calibration and tuning mixes for ICP-MS, ICP-OES, MP-AES, AA, and IC instrumentation.

With the assurance of our NIST traceability, Agilent's reference material and certified reference materials offers accurate, reliable results at great value.

Didn’t find the standard you need? Our lab is prepared to produce what you need.

Elemental Inorganic Standards

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