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Oligo aCGH/ChIP-on-chip Hybridization Kit

Oligo aCGH/ChIP-on-chip Hybridization Kit


The Agilent Hybridization Kit provides optimized hybridization kinetics, enhanced signal intensity and maximum noise reduction. The high quality CGH hybridization solution provides reliable data for many different experiments. Additional reagents are required to prepare the hybridization solution, such as Cot-1 DNA, DNase/RNase-Free distilled water.

Our Oligo aCGH/ChIP-on-Chip hybridization kit is available in two different formats, with sufficient reagents for the hybridization of 25 or 100 slides. Both kit formats are provided with the relevant hybridization buffer and blocking agent. Please see the manual for part number details.
For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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