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AdvanceBio SEC HPLC Bio Columns

AdvanceBio SEC HPLC Bio Columns

AdvanceBio SEC HPLC Bio Columns

AdvanceBio SEC columns deliver accurate, precise quantitation for aggregate and fragment analysis for peptides, monoclonal antibodies, and larger next generation biotherapeutics. These innovative size exclusion chromatography columns were designed and engineered by Agilent to improve lab productivity by providing robust, reliable methods that eliminate sample re-analysis. Consistent results are achieved from column to column, batch to batch, and lab to lab, ensuring that methods can be transferred across departments and locations to put an end to uncertainty.

AdvanceBio SEC 2.7 µm columns are robust columns for routine SEC needs, with a unique hydrophilic coating to minimize secondary interactions between the sample and stationary phase. Even for sticky samples such as antibody-drug conjugates (ADCs), this column has minimized secondary interactions for accurate answers. Originally offered in two pore sizes, 300 Å and 130 Å, they are ideal for the sensitive, highly reproducible aggregate analysis of proteins and peptides.

The newest AdvanceBio SEC 2.7 µm columns offer larger 500 Å and 1000 Å pore sizes, developed and optimized for robust, high-resolution aggregate analysis of adeno-associated viruses (AAVs) and virus-like particles (VLPs).

AdvanceBio SEC 1.9 µm columns raise your SEC separations to the next level. The smaller particle size and hydrophilic chemistry results in high-efficiency, high-resolution separations. Stability up to 620 bar enables faster flow rates for high-throughput needs. The 200 Å pore size was specifically optimized for simultaneous separation of dimer, monomer, and fragment for thorough mAb characterization.

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