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Automated Liquid Handling Applications

Turnkey automated sample preparation solutions simplify your routine protocols

Manual sample preparation is an overwhelming and time-consuming task that creates bottle necks in your routine lab. To free up time and achieve consistent upstream sample prep, Agilent has developed dedicated automated liquid handling applications.

The advanced cartridge technology in the AssayMAP Bravo Protein Sample Prep Platform enhances consistency and versatility of your protein assays, while the Bravo Metabolomics Sample Prep Platform is equipped with on-deck accessories and software specifically designed to automate metabolomics sample preparation procedures. Routine genomics applications and next-generation sequencing (NGS) workflows can be automated without impacting data quality using pre-developed methods for the most common library prep kits on the Bravo NGS. Throughput can be dramatically increased with the NGS Workstation.

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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Connectivity, Flexibility and Integration in the Automated Lab

At SLAS 2023, Agilent launched its new NGS Bravo NGS Automated Liquid Handling Platform with On-Deck Thermal Cycler (ODTC), which enables thermal cycling as part of a high-throughput automated protocol. With on-deck thermal cycling, walk-away time can be extended by 250% and scientists can do more valuable research and experiments with that time.

Agilent Announces Inspirational LC/TQ and LC/Q-TOF Mass Spectrometry Solutions at ASMS 2023

Agilent Technologies announced two new liquid chromatography mass spectrometry systems (LCMS), the Agilent 6495D LC/TQ and the Agilent Revident LC/Q-TOF. Facilitating the high-end performance of the Revident LC/Q-TOF, Agilent is also announcing the new Agilent MassHunter Explorer Profiling software and the new Agilent ChemVista library manager software.

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Automated Protein & Peptide Sample Preparation Tutorial Session

The AssayMAP platform is powerful out of the box sample prep solution for automated protein & peptide characterization and quantification workflows such as intact mass analysis, peptide quantification, peptide mapping, post-translational modifications, and many more.

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