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5400 Fragment Analyzer System

5400 Fragment Analyzer System for high-throughput DNA and RNA quality control

5400 Fragment Analyzer System

The 5400 Fragment Analyzer system redefines the bounds of nucleic acid quality control (QC) analysis using automated parallel capillary electrophoresis. Capable of connecting with world-leading robotic systems, analysis of DNA and RNA samples can now be performed around the clock through robotic integration.

The 5400 Fragment Analyzer system is compatible with all the same high-quality reagent kits available for the 5300 Fragment Analyzer system. Use quantitative kits for analyzing NGS libraries, large fragment smears, genomic DNA, total RNA, small RNA, and mRNA vaccine. Also, you can use qualitative kits for analyzing PCR amplicons, SSRs/microsatellites, CRISPR-generated mutations, or digested DNA.

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