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Fragment Analyzer Systems

Fragment Analyzer Systems

Accurate, efficient, and reliable QC analysis of nucleic acids

The Fragment Analyzer systems utilize automated parallel capillary electrophoresis to provide reliable quality control (QC) for nucleic acids. With its unique design and intuitive features, common QC bottlenecks are resolved by the automation of key steps such as gel loading and sample injection increasing lab efficiency. A broad range of kits are available allowing you to easily qualify and quantify DNA and RNA samples. Choose from three models with varying throughputs to match your labs needs.

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Build Consistency into Your Lab’s Workflow with the Agilent Automated Electrophoresis Portfolio.

The automated electrophoresis instrument portfolio includes systems for objective assessment of sample integrity, concentration, and fragment size. Download this eBrochure for an interactive experience.

Reliable Results for Nucleic Acid Analysis. Agilent 5200, 5300, and 5400 Fragment Analyzer Systems.

Using automated parallel capillary electrophoresis, the Fragment Analyzer systems offer nucleic acid quality control for a range of applications, including NGS libraries and cfDNA QC.

Agilent Fragment Analyzer Consumables

This datasheet describes the analysis kits and capillary arrays available for the Agilent Fragment Analyzer system.

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