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Torches for ICP-MS

Torches for ICP-MS

The ICP torch is used to form, shape, and sustain an argon plasma which atomizes and ionizes the sample aerosol. Agilent ICP-MS Torches with Shield Torch System (STS) provide precise ion energy control, ensuring high sensitivity and stability, even in cool plasma mode for effective interference removal (ArO+).

Our portfolio is comprised of a wide range of ICP torches for your specific ICP-MS configuration. One-piece quartz torches offer the best stability and ease of use. The large 2.5mm injector on the standard torch gives maximum robustness and lowest matrix interferences for the best plasma stability. Single-piece torches with narrow bore injectors (1.0mm or 1.5 mm) are designed for use with organic solvents, to reduce plasma loading and improve plasma stability. Optional semi-demountable quartz torches with removable platinum or sapphire injectors are also available for use with the PFA inert sample introduction kit.

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