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ICP-MS Torches, Torch Shield, Bonnets, & RF Coils for Optimal ICP-MS Performance

The ICP-MS torch forms and stabilizes an inductively coupled argon plasma, allowing injection of the sample aerosol through a central channel. The Fassel torch design comprises of 3 concentric tubes encircled by a copper, water-cooled work/load/induction coil connected to an RF generator.

Agilent's Shield Torch System (STS) is composed of ICP-MS Torch and torch supplies, including a long-life Platinum shield-plate, RF work/load coils, and quartz torch bonnets to enable Cool Plasma mode for the lowest detection limits and the highest plasma stability. Discover our range of one-piece or semi-demountable quartz torches with high purity quartz, platinum or sapphire injectors and torch supplies for Agilent 7700, 7800, 7850, 7900, 8800, 8900 ICP-MS instruments.

ICP-MS Torches & Torch Supplies

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