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Burners & Supplies for PerkinElmer AAS Instruments

Burners & Supplies for PerkinElmer AAS Instruments

Agilent burner heads for PerkinElmer PinAAcle/AAnalyst flame AA systems are designed to provide the best precision, efficient drainage, minimal burner blockage, and reduced interferences.
The 5 cm nitrous oxide burner head is required for nitrous oxide-acetylene operation, but can also be used with air-acetylene or rotated to provide reduced sensitivity.

A 5 cm air-acetylene burner head is available for applications in which reduced sensitivity is required. It can be rotated to provide further sensitivity reduction, and has a wide slot to prevent clogging. The long pathlength 10 cm, single-slot air-acetylene burner head provides the best sensitivity for air-acetylene elements.

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