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Single Element Hollow Cathode Lamps

Single Element Hollow Cathode Lamps

Agilent offers a broad range of single element atomic absorption lamps, including zinc lamps, cadmium lamps and lead lamps. Our single-element AA lamps feature unique cathode compositions to ensure the emission lines generated have the optimum signal-to-noise without any interfering wavelengths. All Agilent AA lamps utilize extended processing in production for optimum stability, dependable performance and long service life.

Agilent single element AA lamps are available as either coded or economical uncoded lamps. Our uncoded single -element AA lamps work seamlessly with all Agilent and a variety of other AAS systems. Our coded single element AA lamps have unique element coding which enables the Agilent AAS system to automatically identify the lamp needed for analysis. This simplifies operation and eliminates operator errors when using multiple lamps in the same AAS system.

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