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High Intensity UltrAA Lamps

High Intensity UltrAA Lamps

Agilent UltrAA lamps are high intensity hollow cathode lamps that can replace conventional AAS lamps in Agilent AAS systems where the application requires improved performance. A boost discharge applied within these high intensity AAS lamps increases emission intensity, providing improved sensitivity and lower detection limits, especially with challenging GFAAS applications. The boost current is fixed, eliminating manual optimization and dramatically improving ease-of-use.

UltrAA lamps are compatible with all Agilent AAS systems, although some AAS systems may require an upgrade. They are available as either coded or uncoded lamps. Our coded high intensity UltrAA lamps enable the lamp to be automatically recognized by the Agilent AAS system using a unique code built into the lamp. This simplifies operation and reduces errors when working with multiple lamps in the same instrument.

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