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Graphite Furnace AAS Tubes & Platforms

Graphite Furnace AAS Tubes & Platforms

The enhanced sensitivity of graphite furnace AAS relies on use of an electrically heated graphite furnace tube in the workhead. Agilent graphite AAS tubes are machined from spectroscopically pure graphite coated with a dense, hard layer of pyrolytic graphite to improve sensitivity & lifetime. These high purity graphite tubes are individually batch tested to ensure passing our demanding performance specifications for contamination, sensitivity, precision, electrical resistance, and lifetime.

Agilent offers a range of graphite AAS tubes for your application. Partitioned tubes provide best detection limits with refractory elements, and samples that have low background or low surface tension such as organic solvents. Omega platform AAS tubes feature an integrated semicircular graphite platform which delays atomization reducing chemical & background interferences with more complex samples. Plateau tubes are used with solid pyrolytic platforms to provide the ideal platform effect for samples that have high background or interferences & ensure continuity with older methods.

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