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PSD 100/120 GFAAS Autosampler Vials, Beakers, Capillaries, Syringe & Plunger

The PSD 120 programmable sample dispenser is used with the GTA 120 graphite tube atomizer for sample collection and dispensing, and provides sample preparation processes for GFAAS such as preparation of standards and automatic over range volume reduction. This advanced furnace autosampler also provides flexible dispensing options including hot inject, multiple injection, and pre- or post addition of chemical modifiers. Provides capacity for up to 50 samples in disposable 2 mL microvials, plus up to 5 central 10mL vessels for blank, bulk standard and chemical modifiers.

Agilent provides a range of supplies for the PSD 100/120 Programmable Sample Dispenser used with Agilent GFAAS systems, including sample vials, beakers, adapters, dispensing capillary assemblies, dispensing syringe and replacement plungers.

Atomic Absorption Graphite Furnace Autosampler Supplies

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