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Ask the Expert: Where can I go for expert advice on dissolution issues and techniques?

Dan Spisak, Agilent Product Manager, Dissolution Systems

For over 15 years, our experts have fielded many questions from professionals like you in the dissolution industry. Since 1998, the Dissolution Discussion Group, or DDG, has been connecting dissolution users worldwide. To address a growing need for exchange of ideas and experiences, the experts at Agilent fostered an online forum to provide a one-of-a-kind opportunity for industry professionals to discuss the latest trends, techniques, and issues in the dissolution industry.

Q: What online forum provides the most relevant discussions on dissolution issues?

Answer: DDG Bulletin Board, focal point of the Dissolution Discussion Group. It offers the most comprehensive archive of dissolution-related posts online. As with many of today’s most popular social media platforms, free registration is all that is required to access this invaluable, historical archive and receive the following subscriber benefits:

  • Ability to anonymously post your own dissolution questions to a worldwide network of your peers
  • Access to the most comprehensive and feature-filled dissolution-related bulletin board on the Internet
  • Invitations to DDG online meetings offered quarterly throughout the year
  • Links to all previously recorded DDG online sessions on a wide variety of dissolution topics

Q: What are the rules of engagement for participation in DDG?

Answer: The overall format of the DDG is simple and has been since its inception over 15 years ago. Although the platform is maintained and monitored by Agilent, a leading dissolution company, discussions citing any specific manufacturer’s instrumentation are prohibited. Once you’ve registered, you can post any dissolution relevant question you may have; well, almost any… there are a few simple rules that must be followed to maintain the integrity of the group:

  • No foul language
  • No proprietary information disclosed
  • No reference to dissolution manufacturer’s equipment

Q: Is there oversight of DDG discussions?

Figure 1. Example of DDG Bulletin Board posts.

Answer: The board is constantly monitored to ensure these simple rules are followed. And, for the most part, the nearly 4,000 members of the DDG community abide by these modest guidelines. Depending on the topic, you may receive a response in less than a day. The number of replies to any given post ranges from as little as 1 or 2 up to nearly 20 for some of the most popular.

Prior to posting a query, you can use the advanced search capabilities to browse any of the previous 3,000+ active threads (Figure 1). There’s always a possibility that your problem is not unique and, if so, the supportive information you’ve been looking for may already be present.

Q: What else can I learn from the Dissolution Discussion Group?

Answer: If you don’t have a particular question to post, the DDG can still be beneficial. There are active polls where you can contribute to the survey, as well as see how the worldwide community is responding to current dissolution topics. A complete database is also available of all the previous online DDG meetings. You can view the topics discussed during each meeting and listen to the recording(s) of your choice at your leisure.

The online meetings are held quarterly and last for one hour. To give you an idea of the topics covered, the 2015 meeting details are listed below:

  • November 2015—FDA Guidance: Dissolution and Specification Criteria for BCS Class 1 and 3 Drugs
  • August 2015—Breaking Bad… Dissolution Habits
  • May 2015—Cross-linking of Gelatin Capsules
  • February 2015—Intrinsic Dissolution

These sessions include a panel of industry experts who present timely information on the given topic, as well as their own experiences regarding certain situations. An important question and answer period takes place at the end of each meeting that truly makes it interactive and promotes discussion among attendees and the panel.

Agilent provides a complete line of dissolution products and accessories

Figure 2. Dissolution Exchange connects you with dissolution training and discussion resources.

As communication improves and our world grows smaller, it only makes sense to take advantage of the information that is available (Figure 2). By becoming a part of the DDG community and connecting with your peers, you have access to a wealth of dissolution knowledge that has accumulated over several years and continues to grow. Visit the DDG at and register to start using this valuable resource that’s helping dissolution users worldwide each and every day.

The DDG compliments Agilent’s complete line of dissolution products and accessories giving further evidence that partnering with Agilent provides more than just an instrument-based solution. The Online Dissolution Source Book includes product details, videos, specifications, and application-related information for all your dissolution testing needs. Do you need to bring new analysts up-to-speed with proper dissolution techniques? Access our free, self-paced, Dissolution 1-on-1 tutorial and standardize your internal training with the latest information from our industry experts.

Figure 1

Example of DDG Bulletin Board posts.

Figure 2

Dissolution Exchange connects you with dissolution training and discussion resources.