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Download SureScan Scan Control Software

Scan Control Software is the user interface software that controls the Agilent SureScan(*) and SureScan Dx(**) scanners. It will not function with earlier scanners.

Download Instructions
  1. Select the software version of interest
    • The installation of Version 9.1.13 may not be “rolled” back to a previous version without the assistance of an Agilent service engineer.
  2. Read the Release Notes.
  3. Create a folder on the C drive.
  4. Download Software to that folder.
  5. Unzip the zip file to the same folder.
  6. Follow the Installation Notes and Setting the Preferred User Guide for Scan Control v9.1.9 or later to start the setup.
Scan Control v9.1.13 for Windows 10 evisions 1703, 1803 and 1903
Scan Control v9.1.11.13 for Windows 10 revision 1703 and 1803
Scan Control v9.1.11 for Windows 7-64 bit and Windows 10 revision 1511

(*) The SureScan Microarray Scanner system. For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.
(**) The SureScan Dx Microarray Scanner system is CE-marked and is currently marketed in the European Union and approved as a medical device for in vitro diagnostic use in China and South Korea. SureScan Dx Microarray Scanner is Class II, 510(k) exempt in the US.