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Tomorrows Scientists Program

Tomorrow's Scientists Program

This program helps teachers create exciting lab courses for biology, chemistry, life sciences and related fields. It provides special financial offers for new teaching equipment and includes innovative teaching tools to strengthen the curriculum and to enhance learning material.

Special offers

Teachers responsible for lab-based teaching classes at high schools, colleges, or universities for undergraduate and graduate programs are eligible for the following offers:

  • Access to pre-owned and demo equipment with Agilent's standard warranty
  • A special teaching discount on your next instrument purchase
  • Multiple free data analysis licenses for educational purposes with the purchase of the operating software
  • Having an Agilent expert on site to give a lecture, workshop, or demonstration
  • Visiting an Agilent facility with your students

Teaching tools

  • Teaching slide sets
  • Videos
  • Instrument and technology images
  • CHROMacademy
  • Agilent InterAct!
  • HPLC Simulator
  • Educational posters
  • Webinars

More information on teaching tools is available on the Teaching tools page.


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Agilent University training credits

Training credits are pre-paid credits that you can apply to any Agilent training course over the next 24 months.

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Agilent University training center

Agilent University offers a range of training classes online, in the classroom, or at your lab. Browse the catalog.

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Agilent Flexible Spend plan

Eliminate the frustration of losing your funds due to an expiring budget by allocating money to support your lab.

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Pre-owned instruments

Agilent’s certified pre-owned instruments are factory refurbished and rigorously tested to deliver rock-solid reliability.

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Agilent InterAct!

Interact with Agilent products as if they were real. Configure your favorite Agilent system in a virtual environment in 3-D.

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Free access to CHROMacademy

University students and staff, get free access to LCGC`s CHROMacademy, the world's largest e-learning platform for analytical scientists.

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Discover the advantages of OpenLAB CDS software

Explore OpenLab CDS, a single software platform for gas and liquid chromatography analysis.

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Principles put into pratice

"To maximize student hands-on experience, we formed a strategic partnership with Agilent to equip our new lab and to participate in the delivery of the course."

Dr. Panagiotis Manesiotis, Queen`s University Belfast, United Kingdom

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Teaching tools

"Agilent Academia Resources offers excellent slides that add high value to my course presentations. Explanation of the theoretical background and nice illustrations give students insight into the fascinating world of instrumental analyses."

Dr. Maria Kristina Parr, Freue Universität Berlin, Germany

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Teaching tools

"CHROMacademy is one of the most useful online resources for separation sciences and spectrometry. I recommend it as additional content to my undergraduate students, and it is intensively used by our Masters and PhD students – especially those from other scientific fields – to refresh and extend their analytical chemistry background."

Dr. Stephan Hann, University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, Austria

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All together now

"All of my students do all of the experiments, and we do them all in the same order."

Dr. Rosina Georgiadis, Professor of Chemistry, Boston University, United States

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It Pays to Sign Up for the Agilent Academic Bonus Program

Now it is easy for your teaching lab to get more value. Collect complementary credits with your instrument purchase and redeem for consumables, services and trainings.

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Updated - Agilent InterAct!

Demonstrate technology to your students in a 3-D virtual environment. New features include Intuvo 9000 GC system, improved usability and the creation of custom presentation on the fly.

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For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.