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Dako Omnis Overview

Dako Omnis - Your Advanced Staining Solution for IHC and ISH

Dako Omnis is designed to meet the needs of the high volume pathology lab that runs both IHC and ISH slides.

  • Continuous or batch loading, the choice is yours
  • High throughput and a high overnight capacity
  • A controlled onboard environment ensures consistent staining results

Dako Omnis Key Benefits

Dako Omnis delivers what pathologists, lab managers and technicians are asking for in terms of time, choice and better patient care.

Dako Omnis Key Benefits

I believe Dako Omnis gives the greatest flexibility of any platform on the market today. I recommend it to any lab that wants to advance its methodologies and technologies.

Jim Burchette, Senior Histotech, Duke University, USA

Dynamic Gap Staining - A New IHC Staining Technology

Dako white paper outlines high-quality staining enabled by its new immunohistochemical staining principle.

Download White Paper