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Firmware for Local Controller G4208A and G1323B
Topic FIRMWARE SET for Local Controller G7108AA, G4208A and G1323A/B
Last update April 29, 2021
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Content This set contains the firmware for the Agilent Local Control Modules
  • G7108AA InfinityLab Companion
  • G4208A Instant Pilot
  • G1323B Control Module (1100/1200)

Revision changes are documented in the included Firmware Bulletin.

For firmware update procedures/tools refer to the Firmware Update Tools & Procedures.

(Versions included, sorted by revisions)

Firmware Bulletin for G7108AA, G4208A and G1323B04/28/202104/29/2021
G7108A InfinityLab Companion firmware D.01.04 (for use with LC FW D.07.33 or later)7108A_D104_00102/24/2021
G4208A Instant Pilot for HPLC firmware A.06.02/B.1.02 and later4208A_B224_001
G4208A Instant Pilot for HPLC firmware A.05.1x4208A_A51504/19/2013
G1323B Local Controller for HPLC firmware A.06.02/B.1.02 and later. Supports only 1100/1200 modules1323B_B40202/12/2013
G1323B Local Controller for HPLC firmware A.05.1x and below. 1323B_B32202/12/2013
G1323A Local Controller for HPLC firmware A.05.1x and below. 1323A_A21002/12/2013

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 File NameFile DateFile Size
Firmware_Set_Controller/7108A_D104_001.dld 2/24/21 3213998
Firmware_Set_Controller/FW_Controller.pdf 4/28/21 743194
Firmware_Set_Controller/G1323AB/config.sys 1/15/16 101
Firmware_Set_Controller/G1323AB/LCB322EN.BIN 1/15/16 1900544
Firmware_Set_Controller/G1323AB/lcb402en.bin 1/15/16 1900544
Firmware_Set_Controller/G1323AB/Readme.txt 1/15/16 332
Firmware_Set_Controller/G1323AB/UPDATE.EXE 1/15/16 22772
Firmware_Set_Controller/G4208A/4208A_A515_001.dlb 5/5/16 3689093
Firmware_Set_Controller/G4208A/4208A_B224_001.dlb 4/28/21 4716684
Firmware_Set_Controller/G4208A/Readme.txt 5/5/16 271
Firmware_Set_Controller/G4208A/res_4208A_B224_001.dlb 4/28/21 1849586
Total Files: 11 17.2 MB