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Agilent J&W 气相色谱柱有多种类型固定相,可为您的气相色谱分析提供解决方案。

Agilent J&W 气相色谱柱帮助实验室分析人员保持最高的性能标准。该色谱柱提供行业领先的技术,具有最高惰性、最低流失和最高柱间重现性标准。我们为 Intuvo 9000 气相色谱仪提供专用气相色谱柱,为 8890 气相色谱仪提供带智能钥匙的色谱柱,还为石化行业等应用提供低热容色谱柱和填充色谱柱。如果需要安捷伦标准产品范围之外的色谱柱,可以在订单中构建自定义气相色谱柱。

Didn’t find the GC column you need? A custom GC column can be built to order




Enhance Your GC/MS Productivity and Accuracy: Agilent GC/MS columns and supplies

GC/MS brochure highlighting the specific benefits of Agilent columns and supplies to support the entire workflow from sample preparation to separation for the GC/MS platform. This brochure includes several charts helping the customer get started on ordering recommended columns and supplies.

Recommended GC Columns for USP Phase Classification

In this quick reference guide, you’ll find USP codes for the GC phases used in USP methods, and tips for selecting the right stationary phase.

Detect Every Peak and Minimize Degradative Buildup in Your GC Flow Path

Lower your detection limits and quantify active analysts with confidence with Agilent Inert Flow Path solutions.


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