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在此获取合适的气相色谱 (GC) 仪

安捷伦气相色谱 (GC) 仪可提供经得起考验的可靠性、高样品通量和仪器智能功能。它们通过智能预测技术帮助您避免可能影响性能和盈利能力的问题,为您提供出色的分析性能和正常运行时间,助您获得始终如一的可靠结果并降低使用维护成本。

无论是在实验室、现场还是远程执行环境、食品、法医学、能源、化学和药物样品分析与检测,我们的各种台式、在线和便携式 GC 仪器可满足科学家的各种需求。








GC Productivity Tools

Optimize GC methods using vapor volume, pressure flow, and solvent vent calculators or method translation software.

Helium Conservation Cost Savings Calculator

See how much helium and money you could save using Gas Saver and a helium conservation module for nitrogen standby.

GC Firmware Update Utility

Update the firmware on current and older GC systems and accessories, such as autosamplers and headspace samplers.


Your GC Productivity Roadmap

Get on the fast track to better outcomes with Agilent CrossLab new instrument services for GC and GCMS systems.

5 Reasons to Upgrade to Agilent Smart GC and GC/MS Systems

Learn why you should upgrade to Agilent smart GC and GC/MS systems.

GC Intelligence: User-Guided Troubleshooting

An introduction to the GC instrument intelligence feature of troubleshooting

Agilent 8890, 8860, and 9000 GC Browser Interface: A Tutorial

An introduction to the 8890, 8860, and 9000 GC Browser Interface.


Hydrogen Sensor Module Series 2 Eases the Transition to Hydrogen Carrier Gas for GC and GC/MS

Switching from helium to hydrogen carrier gas for your GC and GC/MS methods offers several benefits, such as faster run times and better chromatographic resolution. It also addresses the current and future helium supply issues and increased costs. Our new Hydrogen Sensor Module Series 2 for 8890 and 8860 GC systems will help you transition with confidence.

Agilent Gas Chromatograph Systems Receive the My Green Lab ACT Certification Label

The Agilent Intuvo 9000, 8890, and 8860 GC systems have been certified with the ACT label in the EU, UK, and US. This clear, third-party verified information about the environmental impact of our gas chromatographs makes it easy for laboratories to choose products that help them achieve their sustainability goals.


Climbing the peaks of GC intelligence: Discover the smart new features in Agilent GCs

Remote connectivity has been made easier with the introduction of a mobile phone interface and the Intuvo GC and 8890 GC have new peak evaluation and enhanced diagnostic features and on-board guided troubleshooting

GC 与 GC/MS 网络研讨会


Intuvo Gas Chromatography Webinars

Webinars demonstrate how the ultra-fast, intelligent Intuvo 9000 GC can improve lab productivity across a variety of application areas.

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