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在此获取合适的气相色谱 (GC) 仪

安捷伦气相色谱 (GC) 仪可提供经得起考验的可靠性、高样品通量和仪器智能功能。它们通过智能预测技术帮助您避免可能影响性能和盈利能力的问题,为您提供出色的分析性能和正常运行时间,助您获得始终如一的可靠结果并降低使用维护成本。

无论是在实验室、现场还是远程执行环境、食品、法医学、能源、化学和药物样品分析与检测,我们的各种台式、在线和便携式 GC 仪器可满足科学家的各种需求。

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下载方法转换软件以及蒸气体积、压力流量、溶剂放空和 CFT 计算器。





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Your GC Productivity Roadmap

Get on the fast track to better outcomes with Agilent CrossLab new instrument services for GC and GCMS systems.

5 Reasons to Upgrade to Agilent Smart GC and GC/MS Systems

Learn why you should upgrade to Agilent smart GC and GC/MS systems.

GC Intelligence: User-Guided Troubleshooting

An introduction to the GC instrument intelligence feature of troubleshooting

Agilent 8890, 8860, and 9000 GC Browser Interface: A Tutorial

An introduction to the 8890, 8860, and 9000 GC Browser Interface.

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Introducing the 8850 Gas Chromatograph (GC) System

This single-channel GC offers the built-in intelligence and high performance of the 8890 GC in about half the footprint. The small column oven enables fast thermal cycling, which contributes to a reduction in power usage of up to 30%. Ease of maintenance is facilitated by the unique top-opening lid and easy-open side panels. Built-in diagnostics and troubleshooting further optimize uptime and sample throughput.

电子书介绍了安捷伦 GC 和 GC/MS 系统如何帮助实验室实现其可持续发展目标

查看信息图、ACT 标签、ESG 报告、视频等,了解安捷伦如何在整个仪器生命周期(从设计到退役)内始终牢记可持续性。我们致力于帮助您降低环境影响,同时保持实验室效率和生产力。


访问我们重新设计的网页,专门针对希望节省氦气或转换为氢气/氮气载气的 GC 和 GC/MS 用户。内容按主题领域排列,您可以更轻松地访问和阅读最有趣以及与您相关的信息。网页中的添加的更多文献和培训材料可以帮助您实施任一方法,FAQ 部分提供了常见问题的答案。

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Climbing the peaks of GC intelligence: Discover the smart new features in Agilent GCs

Remote connectivity has been made easier with the introduction of a mobile phone interface and the Intuvo GC and 8890 GC have new peak evaluation and enhanced diagnostic features and on-board guided troubleshooting

GC 与 GC/MS 网络研讨会


Intuvo Gas Chromatography Webinars

Webinars demonstrate how the ultra-fast, intelligent Intuvo 9000 GC can improve lab productivity across a variety of application areas.

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