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Agilent GC/MS solutions

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Maximize your laboratory’s revenue with new Agilent GC/MS solutions

The increasing cost and uncertain availability of helium has led many GC/MS users to consider alternative carrier gases, such as hydrogen. Agilent GC/MSD and GC/TQ systems are developed with safety in mind, and are compatible with hydrogen sensor modules and generators. They also incorporate instrument intelligence, self-cleaning hardware, and diagnostic software tools that maximize productivity and revenue.

Our EI GC/MS helium to hydrogen carrier gas conversion guide can help you determine if hydrogen is a good choice for your analysis. It also walks you through the considerations and procedures necessary to make the transition successful.

Hydrogen tanks

Make a safe, seamless transition to hydrogen carrier gas

We’ve put together a fast-access hydrogen conversion tool kit that will help your lab make the switch without compromising GC/MS performance—or sacrificing safety. It includes these resources and more:

  • A comprehensive safety manual for working with hydrogen in the laboratory
  • Compendia that cover topics like converting food and environmental applications to hydrogen carrier gas
  • Posters that highlight hydrogen carrier success stories with PAHs, VOAs, pesticides, and other analytes
  • Application notes that highlight the analysis of metabolites in porcine serum and terpenes in cannabis
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Learn how to safely switch to hydrogen

Considering switching to an alternative carrier gas such as hydrogen? Partner with Agilent and benefit from five decades of GC/MS innovation with safety at the forefront.

Agilent offers tools like our HydroInert source and a helium-to-hydrogen conversion guide to help you safely navigate the process. Our new video explores these tools, plus other options—such as hydrogen sensors and generators—that can add extra layers of protection.

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Minimize costly downtime with a new Agilent GC/MS

Agilent GC/MS solutions offer a multifaceted approach to minimizing instrument downtime. Instrument hardware and software features, like new instrument intelligence and the Agilent HydroInert source, keep your instruments running, while a familiar interface drastically reduces employee training time. Together, these attributes keep your lab earning money day after day. Curious how much a new Agilent GC/MS could save your lab?

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Hydrogen tanks

Overcome helium supply chain disruptions—switch to hydrogen with the HydroInert source

Frustrated by the unpredictability of helium supply chains and their constantly rising costs? Consider switching your applications to run with hydrogen carrier gas. It’s easy with the ground-breaking Agilent HydroInert source. Optimized for hydrogen, the HydroInert source will provide you with an environmentally sustainable choice that limits frustration and saves your lab money. Want to learn more about switching to hydrogen and calculate exactly how much your lab can save? Check out our cost calculator in this eBook.

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GC/MS best practices to keep productivity high

You can prevent a significant amount of unplanned instrument downtime by following these GC/MS best practices. Get tips on proper sample preparation and sample screening. And learn about instrument hardware features like the Agilent JetClean self-cleaning ion source and backflush, which actively keep your GC/MS clean and in peak operating condition. From sample preparation to detection, ensure your GC/MS is well maintained to keep productivity and revenue high.

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Meet the new Agilent GC/MS solutions

The new Agilent 5977C GC/MSD, 7000E, and 7010C triple quadrupole GC/MS systems continue to build on more than five decades of innovation and industry leadership. Transform would-be obstacles into opportunities for your laboratory and be confident in your ability to deliver results on time with industry-leading Agilent GC/MS solutions.

Agilent 5977C GC/MSD: Unleash the potential

The new 5977C GC/MSD features ion source and other options that improve sensitivity, minimize maintenance through self-cleaning, and deliver wide dynamic range for samples in complex matrices.

  • Get reliability and sensitivity for your analyses with detection limits as low as 1 fg IDL.
  • Reduce or eliminate manual source cleaning with the Agilent JetClean self-cleaning ion source.
  • Enhance productivity with the built-in intelligence of the Agilent 8890, 8860, and Intuvo 9000 GC systems, featuring smart diagnostics, monitoring, and a user-friendly interface.
  • Ensure the inertness of every surface that touches your sample with Agilent Inert Flow Path products, including columns, liners, inlets, gold seals, and ferrules.
  • Monitor instrument health with Agilent CrossLab Smart Alerts software. It sends you email-based alerts, notifying you when to replace key consumables and when an instrument stops running.
  • Develop new methods with fast, reliable compound identification using MassHunter Unknowns Analysis, which lets you create custom-retention time-locked spectral libraries.
  • Simplify and speed up data analysis and review with MassHunter Review-by-Exception and Compounds-at-a-Glance.
  • Improve mass accuracy using Cerno Bioscience MassWorks MS calibration technology.
Agilent 5977C GC/MSD

Agilent 5977C GC/MSD

Rugged workhorse with industry-leading sensitivity

Agilent 7000E and 7010C GC/TQ: Achieve next-level productivity and confidence

Do you perform multiclass, multiresidue analysis in complex matrices? As regulations grow tighter, and detection limits get lower, it might be time to consider the advantages of the newest Agilent 7000 series triple quadrupole GC/MS systems.

  • Improve data quality through targeted approaches. Acquisition modes like tMRM and simultaneous dMRM/scan mode let you confidently screen and quantitate hundreds of analytes in a single run.
  • Reduce matrix interferences with the Agilent Pesticides and Environmental Pollutants 4.0 Database. It contains over 1,100 compounds with multiple transitions per compound and over 7,500 matrix-optimized MRM transitions.
  • Achieve the gold standard in GC/MS performance with a heated gold quadrupole and triple-axis HED-EM detector.
  • Increase productivity with the built-in intelligence of Agilent 8890, 8860, and Intuvo 9000 GC systems. Features include smart diagnostics, monitoring, and a user-friendly interface.
  • Improve compliance by ensuring data security, controlling access, and meeting requirements defined by US FDA 21 CFR Part 11, EU Annex 11, and similar electronic record regulations.
Agilent 7000E GC/TQ

Agilent 7000E GC/TQ

Reliable and cost effective for routine analysis

Agilent 7010C GC/TQ

Agilent 7010C GC/TQ

Attogram-level detection in EI mode

Agilent HydroInert Inert Source

Ease the transition from helium to hydrogen

Helium is the best choice for GC/MS analysis, when it is available at a reasonable cost. However, if it is not an option, hydrogen (H2) is the best alternative for GC/MS analyses—and the new Agilent Hydrolnert source is designed to minimize sensitivity loss and spectral anomalies associated with hydrogen gas.

Discover the benefits of the Agilent HydroInert source.

MassHunter software

Your direct route to insight

Solve everyday problems—and make your analysis faster, easier, and more routine—with Agilent MassHunter software.

Compatible across GC/MS and LC/MS systems, MassHunter software enables operators of all skill levels to achieve confident results.

MassHunter software also unifies operators of all levels to drive confident results. It supports multiple applications with easy-to-use method templates, plus a comprehensive spectral library that includes retention time and/or retention index information.

Learn more about MassHunter software.

GC Intelligence

Make the most of your talent, teams, and time

Success depends on the timeliness and accuracy of the data generated by your instruments and staff. And when everything’s working smoothly, you can spend more time on your science.

Agilent GC/MSD and GC/TQ instruments incorporate intelligent technology that monitors system health, alerts you to potential issues, and takes the guesswork out of maximizing instrument performance. That means you can plan your work—including maintenance—rather than react to unexpected downtime.

Explore GC intelligence features and remote connectivity.

ACT label

Build a culture of sustainability

Agilent is working with My Green Lab to have select GC and GC/MS instruments independently audited for their Accountability, Consistency, and Transparency (ACT) label.

The ACT label provides information about the environmental impact of manufacturing, using, and disposing of a product and its packaging, so you can make sustainable choices.

Learn more about Agilent sustainable lab solutions.

Gas chromatography/mass spectrometry resources

Hydrogen gas conversion guide

HydroInert source technical overview

In-depth articles about converting to hydrogen carrier gas

Agilent JetClean self-cleaning ion source

Agilent JetClean self-cleaning ion source

Reduce or eliminate the need for manual source cleaning, so you can process more samples.

Learn more

Hyperbolic gold-coated quartz quadrupole

Hyperbolic gold-coated quartz quadrupole

Improve sensitivity, performance, spectra, and isotope ratios and ensure low mass deviation for longer-lasting calibration.

Learn more

Agilent CrossLab Smart Alerts

Agilent CrossLab Smart Alerts

Receive immediate notification when an instrument goes down. Early maintenance feedback monitors common consumables to maximize their lifetime.

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Capillary flow

Capillary flow technology

Minimize cycle times and improve data quality by backflushing your column once all peaks of interest have eluted.

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Give your lab a competitive edge today—and tomorrow—with gas chromatography/mass spectrometry instruments that are smarter, more capable, and easier to run. To access our GC/MS resources or contact an Agilent representative, use our form.

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