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Partnered with My Green Lab, Agilent supports scientists in achieving their lab sustainability goals. My Green Lab is a nonprofit organization dedicated to building a global culture of sustainability in science. Laboratories are resource intensive and can have damaging ecological effects. With the implementation of My Green Lab programs, labs and manufactures of lab products now have third-party guidance and verification processes to implement sustainable strategies into everyday testing and research.

As an ‘Angel’ sponsor, Agilent is also the proud sponsor of the My Green Lab Certification program, which is considered the gold standard for laboratory sustainability best practices. As a good citizen and role model for customers, we are working to ensure our onsite customer demonstration laboratories globally are Green Lab Certified.

These sponsorships and certifications build upon Agilent's ongoing partnership with My Green Lab, which includes achieving My Green Lab's ACT (accountability, consistency, and transparency) labels. ACT labels provide consumers with third-party verified information on the environmental impact of Agilent solutions—making it easier for labs to make sustainable choices.

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