Agilent Corporate Citizenship Report 2015



Agilent's philanthropic efforts, through the Agilent Technologies Foundation, focus on education and development in life sciences. The Foundation supports a range of community and pre-university-level science education programs aimed at helping students develop the critical thinking skills essential for tomorrow's jobs. In addition, the Foundation matches employee donations, thus strengthening a broad range of nonprofit programs in communities where Agilent has a presence.

  • In 2015, Agilent provided over $7 million in university grants and equipment, supporting science and technology research at the forefront of electronic and bio-analytic measurement technologies. 
  • Over $650,000 in pre-university science-education grants supported programs reaching hundreds of thousands of students and educators worldwide.
  • Through employee match programs and other community investments, Agilent and the Foundation provided $1.6 million in donations.
  • In total, through our businesses, employee programs, and the Agilent Technologies Foundation, Agilent invested more than $10 million in philanthropic efforts in 2015.

 For more information, see the Agilent Technologies Foundation Statement FY15.



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