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Software technical support contacts

Atomic Spectroscopy Software

Atomic Absorption, ICP-MS, ICP-OES, MP-AES Worldwide Sales and Support

Automated Electrophoresis Software

Automation Solutions Software

VWorks Automation Control Software
VWorks Software, VWorks Active X drivers
Worldwide Sales and Support

USA and Canada:
1-800-979-4811 or 1-408-345-8011

Cell Analysis Software

Seahorse XF Software
Seahorse Analytics, Wave (Desktop & Controller), Report Generators, XFp Analyzer software

Worldwide Technical Support:
USA and Canada:
1-800-227-9770; select option 3 then 8
  UK: 0800 096 7632
  Germany: 0800 180 66 78
  Netherlands: 0800 022 7243
  Other EU: +45 3136 9878

Chromatography Software

OpenLab CDS, OpenLab ChemStation, OpenLab EZChrom

Worldwide Sales and Support

Networked configurations
OpenLab CDS, OpenLab ChemStation, OpenLab EZChrom

Laboratory Informatics Support Center

Add-on software
MatchCompare for OpenLab CDS, Sample Scheduler for OpenLab CDS, GPC/SEC for OpenLab CDS

Worldwide Sales and Support

Core Facility Management Software

Animal Care Facilities Management Worldwide Sales and Support

Data Management Software

OpenLab Server, OpenLab ECM XT, OpenLab ECM Laboratory Informatics Support Center

Genomics Software

Gene Expression, CGH, GeneSpring, NGS

Informatics Technical Support Inquiry or

Lab Workflow Management Software

Mass Spectrometry Software for Advanced MS Applications

MassHunter, BioConfirm, Mass Profiler Professional, Mass Profiler, Spectrum Mill VistaFlux, Walkup Worldwide Sales and Support

Molecular Spectroscopy Software

Cary UV-Vis, UV-Vis-NIR, and Fluorescence
Cary FTIR and LDIR
Raman Spectroscopy Services

Worldwide Sales and Support

Vacuum & Leak Detection Software

Vacuum Link App, A-PLUS, Leak Test Data Wizard Worldwide Sales and Support

Additional support resources:

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