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Instrument service agreements for Dako products

To continue to get the most out of your investment you can extend the benefits from the standard instrument warranty.

Our Instrument Service Agreements can be found in two different service levels in order to meet your laboratory's unique requirements:

  • Agilent CrossLab Silver Diagnostic
  • Agilent CrossLab Preventive Maintenance Diagnostic

Each Service Level includes different services. To ensure productivity and availability for critical systems, we can offer fast response times and priority handling for technical support and repairs. An Instrument Service Agreement can cover a single instrument or a complete set up of Dako instruments.

Instrument Service Agreements are also ideal in order to avoid unplanned expenses and as such a very cost-effective way to maximize your instrument’s performance, matching your requirements with your budget constraints.

For more information on our Instrument Service Agreements and to discuss what Service level that would suit you the best, please contact us.

Deployment services for Dako products