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Relocation Services

Relocation Services

CrossLab Relocation services provides a complete end-to-end process for moving everything in the lab by utilizing standard, vendor neutral protocols, minimizing the stress of moving and restoring the lab to full operation with minimal downtime. We can move a single instrument across the hall or relocate your entire lab across the world. We offer a complete, seamless, scheduled instrument or laboratory relocation delivered with minimal impact to lab operations and reduced relocation costs. Our services include project management, contract management, asset services, chemicals and supplies services, office space services, and post-move inventory integration in to your existing inventory systems.
  • Stress-free move enabled by project manager(s) and end-to-end processes
  • Downtime is minimized by thoroughly planning and scheduling instruments through the moving process
  • Reduced time management through a single point of contact, managed partners, and managed vendors
  • Focus existing staff on management decisions, not packing materials and labelling
  • Reduced audit risk using standardized protocols and providing PM, qualification services, and other add on services to meet specific customer requirements
  • Guaranteed post move performance of all assets
  • Minimal impact to staff and operations

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