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Resource Scheduling

Easy to use and intuitive interface for managing reservations

iLab Resource Scheduling tool provides an intuitive click-and-drag interface for creating reservations. The robust platform can also be configured to manage complex usage rules, depending on various workflow requirements.

The iLab resource schedules include extensive feature options, such as:
  • Set available hours, min/max reservation length, and limit when users can create or edit reservations
  • Set varied pricing depending on time of day or type of usage
  • Choose to require facility approval on reservations for additional oversight
  • Manage user training qualifications and control scheduling access based on training status
  • Track usage "passively" though use of iLab's Equipment Usage Tracking application
  • Compare scheduled time to actual time
  • Bill for scheduled time, actual time, or a combination
  • Capture per-unit charges (e.g. per sample, per plate) in addition to, or instead of, hourly rates
  • Manage equipment details and pricing without IT support

iLab provides a software that can track the usage on a piece of equipment. This software is installed on a local computer that is connected to the equipment and tracks usage in real-time.

Kiosk for Usage Tracking

Through iLab, cores can monitor real-time usage and compare against scheduled time through a kiosk-style computer interface. With this feature, reservations will automatically reflect the scheduled and actual usage allowing for a more efficient confirmation and billing process.

iLab Instrument Access Management module allows scheduling-based facilities to manage access of shared equipment through use of a micro-controller. This micro-controller acts as a bridge between iLab and the internal networks on campus, allowing facilities to control access to instruments that are both on an external network or connected locally. – Click to learn more.