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CrossLab Strategic Sourcing

CrossLab Strategic Sourcing

As the breadth and depth of your asset base grows, so does the difficulty of finding the appropriate suppliers to service your entire lab. Effectively and efficiently managing your instrument service suppliers becomes critical for your success. Optimizing both your supplier mix and instrument coverage are key to enhancing your lab productivity.

By simplifying sourcing to a single point of contact, you can optimize supplier relationships through performance assessments and better compete in today’s dynamic business environment. With a global presence and a trusted network of providers, CrossLab Strategic Sourcing services will transform your service strategy.

Sourcing managers will help you navigate the complex supplier landscape of OEMs, Independent Service Providers and other parties involved, ensuring that the supplier mix will be optimized to your business needs. By relying on sourcing domain experts within the laboratory market, you can ensure you are receiving services aligned with industry recognized supplier management models. Partnering with Agilent allows you to elevate supplier management with our extensive partner network. This gives you more time to address your critical needs and goals as well as improved visibility of vendor performance.

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