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Asset Monitoring

Connecting analytics to action

Asset Monitoring

IS IT TIME FOR YOUR LAB TO MAKE A DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION? From optimizing capital expense spending, to pinpointing workflow bottlenecks, to motivating employees, your work never seems to end. Instrument utilization data is required for maximizing laboratory CapEx, OpEx, and productivity. The operational data you collect from your instruments is a valuable tool for improving many areas of performance. However, manually collecting sets of data and relying on paper-based aggregation will not give you a complete understanding of your lab efficiency and productivity.

Get the insights you need to optimize your lab's operations. Agilent CrossLab Asset Monitoring combines advanced Internet of Things (IoT) sensor technology and data analytics to enable labwide visibility. It integrates sensor-based utilization monitoring with business analytics, allowing you to: – Capture lab-wide instrument utilization data across all of your workflows. – View analytics compiled in dashboards to drive insights for improvements. – Justify CapEx, OpEx, and productivity decisions using fact-based data.

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