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Protein Analysis Kits - Details & Specifications

The Agilent Protein 230 and Protein 80 kits provide a fast and easy way to analyze a wide range of samples from the analysis of recombinant protein expression, to optimization of protein purification, and protein validation and QC.

Analysis of an IgG2 antibody preparation under reducing conditions with the 2100 Bioanalyzer system and the Protein 80 and Protein 230 assays. The light chains (LC) and the heavy chains (HV) are well resolved. Aggregates of higher molecular weight and low molecular weight impurities are observed. Under non-reducing conditions the intact antibody as well as a mixture of LC and HC and the non-glycosylated form of IgG2 is detected. (Application Note 5990-5283EN)

Analytical specifications Protein 80 kit Protein 230 kit
Sizing range 5-80 kDa 14-230 kDa
Typical sizing resolution 10% 10%
Typical sizing accuracy 10% (CAII, BLG) 10% (BSA, CAII)
Sizing reproducibility 3% CV (CAII, BLG) 3% CV (BSA, CAII)
Sensitivity 6 ng/μL CAII (15 ng/μL BSA) in PBS, 6 ng/μL CAII (15 ng/μL BSA) in PBS,
(Signal/Noise > 3) 10 ng/μL CAII (30 ng/μL BSA) in 0.5 M NaCl 30 ng/μL BSA in 0.5 M NaCl
Quantitative range 60-2000 ng/μL CAII in PBS 15-2000 ng/μL CAII,
30-2000 ng/μL BSA in PBS
Qualitative range 6-4000 ng/μL CAII and BLG 6-5000 ng/μL CAII,
15-5000 ng/μL BSA in PBS
Quantitation reproducibility 20% CV (CAII, BLG) 20% CV (BSA, CAII)
Physical specifications
Analysis run time 30 minutes 25 minutes
Samples per chip 10 10
Sample volume 4 μL 4 μL
Kit stability 4 months (for storage temperature see individual box) 4 months (for storage temperature see individual box)
Kit size 25 chips 25 chips
10 samples/chip 10 samples/chip
= 250 samples/kit = 250 samples/kit
Compatible buffers Refer to kit guide Refer to kit guide

CAII = Carbonic Anhydrase, BSA = Bovine Serum Albumin, BLG = beta-Lactoglobulin

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures