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DV200 Analysis with the Agilent TapeStation systems

DV200 Analysis with the Fragment Analyzer systems
Quickly determine the quality of your FFPE RNA samples with the Automated Electrophoresis Portfolio

The Automated Electrophoresis systems from Agilent utilize a quality metric, DV200, to address the unique QC challenges of FFPE RNA. The DV200 provides researchers with a tool to reliably classify degraded RNA by size and effectively parse samples suitable for NGS from unsuitable samples, conserving time and costs. Depending on the level of degradation and the DV200 score, researchers can modify their workflows to still enable the use of FFPE samples in downstream applications. For example, when a specific size is needed and the sample is slightly degraded, the shearing protocol can be adjusted to reach that size. Take advantage of automated evaluation of RNA samples using the DV200 quality metric with the TapeStation systems

TapeStation systems

Universal Mouse Reference on the Fragment Analyzer

The DV200 assays can be used with the TapeStation Analysis software A02.02 or higher.

  1. Open a data file with the TapeStation Analysis Software
  2. Click Regions
  3. Click Regions Settings
  4. Enter the lower (e.g. 200 nt) and upper limits (e.g. 10000 nt) of the region in the dialog box. Type DV200 as region comment.
  5. To apply the DV200 region to all samples in the active file, select This File. To apply the DV200 region to all files of the same assay as the active file, select Assay Files.

When DV200 regions are defined, the value is provided in the region table in the % of total column for each sample.

Refer to the Technical Overview for more details.

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.