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New Agilent inert ICP-OES spray chamber

Don’t Let HF Digests or Difficult Matrices Degrade Performance and Flexibility

New Agilent inert ICP-OES spray chamber

soil testing

Are you frustrated with your current inert spray chamber’s limited flexibility, or the degradation in performance with time?

We have good news for you. The internal surfaces of the new Agilent inert ICP-OES spray chamber are permanently treated for optimum drainage, so you always achieve accurate performance. The spray chamber also features a removable baffle so it can be used as a single-pass design for improved sensitivity, or as a double-pass design for difficult matrices.

  • Inert construction ensures improved durability with organic solvents and aggressive acids, even hydrofluoric acid (HF).
  • Removable baffle lets you switch between single- and double-pass operation.
  • Threaded lid simplifies spray chamber maintenance with tool-free disassembly/assembly.
  • Drain fitting is also easy to remove, simplifying maintenance.
  • Ideal for Agilent 5100/5110 ICP-OES and Agilent MP-AES instruments.

What’s more, you don’t have to send the spray chamber away for periodic rejuvenation of the internal coating. And that means less downtime and lower operating costs for your lab.

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Removable baffle delivers ultimate flexibility

If you need the highest possible sensitivity, use the spray chamber without the baffle. For difficult samples, like those with organic solvents or high total dissolved solids levels, simply keep the baffle in place.

New application note:
Determining major and minor elements in HF-digested soil samples

application note

See how we:

  • Determined elements from low ppm to % levels in a single reading.
  • Analyzed HF-digested soil samples directly without neutralization.
  • Minimized potential sources of sample contamination.
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