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IDP-3 Scroll Pump

Oil-free makes all the difference

Eliminate oil pump waste

Time to step up to an Agilent oil-free vacuum pump and start saving

Agilent IDP-3 oil-free vacuum pumps are an affordable, eco-friendly alternative to traditional pumps, and feature:

  • Lower cost of ownership: Up to $1000 savings on oil-pump-related expenses*
  • Better vacuum performance than pumps of similar size
  • Small footprint and lightweight construction, ideal for any instrument configuration—even inside cabinets

* See table below

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New video

Sustainably Better Vacuum Pumping: The oil-free vacuum difference and customer testimonial

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Make a clean break from the hassles of oil vacuum pumps

Traditional pumps demand expensive oil topping, changing, and hazardous waste disposal of used oil.

IDP-3 oil-free vacuum pumps require a simple seal replacement that takes about 15 minutes.

Expanded pumping speed options enable new application possibilities

Lower your cost of ownership

With Agilent IDP-3 oil-free vacuum pumps, you won’t have to worry about oil/filter replacements
or hazardous waste disposal of used oil.

Just look how the savings can add up:

  Rotary vane pump Agilent IDP-3 oil-free vacuum pump
Cost of oil $75 ($25 x 3 oil changes per year) $0
Cost of filter $741 ($247 x 3 oil changes per year) $0
Disposal cost per bottle $345 ($115 x 3 oil changes per year) $0
Total $1,161 $0

Annual oil change costs (Based on three oil changes per year)

Make your workday more pleasant

An innovative scroll design reduces the distractions of noise and vibration.

How quiet are the IDP-3 oil-free vacuum pumps?

Noise dBA
Chainsaw; thunder clap 120
Car horn; live rock music 110
Lawn mower; airplane take off 100
Motorcycle 90
Freight train; food blender 80
Cars on freeway; vacuum cleaner 70
Air conditioner; office noise 60
Rotary vane pump 55
IDP-3 oil-free vacuum pump; or conversation at home 50
Library 40

Resource kit

Get the facts about Agilent IDP-3 oil-free vacuum pumps. Kit includes:

On-demand webinar

Preserving Peak Performance of your GC/MS

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Do you need further reduction of noise? Consider the Quiet Cover GC/MS for IDP-3 Vacuum Pump

Here’s what scientists are saying

Installation went fine and easy. Working great, love the pump.
Pump is super quiet. Excited about it and not having oil waste.

Texas academic lab, 2017

Happy with the pump, it is very quiet.

German flavors lab, 2016

Video was very helpful. Much quieter and less heat generated.

Oklahoma medical examiner’s office, 2016: Ordered six IDP-3 oil-free vacuum pumps
and self-installed two pumps per day.

The IDP-3 is working great.

Texas oil industry lab, 2016: Pump was self-installed without a problem.

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