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ICP-MS Cone Selection Guide

ICP-MS Interface Cone Selection Guide

ICP-MS cones

High-quality interface cones are critical to the sensitivity and stability of your ICP-MS system. They are also one of the most costly supplies used in routine ICP-MS operation.

Protect your investment by choosing the right genuine Agilent cone for your needs. Only Agilent nickel- and platinum-tipped sampler and skimmer cones deliver the performance that our single quadrupole and triple quadrupole ICP-MS systems demand.

These guides will help you pick the right sampling cone, skimmer cone, and skimmer base for your instrument configuration and application.

Which cone is best for my application?

Sampler Cone For Which Model ICP-MS? Recommended Applications Recommended Skimmer Cone Required Skimmer Base

Nickel-tip with copper base


Standard on all x-lens models
  • Suitable for most common applications (aqueous, acid matrix, non-HF containing solutions, non-organic)
  • Provides most economical operation
Nickel Stainless steel

Nickel-tip with nickel-plated base


Optional for all models
  • For samples containing high salts (i.e. seawaters/process waters) and chloride matrices (i.e. HCl, HClO4)
  • Ideal for routine operation with (u)HMI with a high (>8x) aerosol dilution ratio

Platinum-tip with copper base


Standard on all s-lens models (semiconductor configuration)

Optional for all x-lens models

  • Recommended for lower limits of detection (LODs) and for higher-matrix samples
  • Required for analysis of aggressive acids (especially HF) and when O2/Ar option gas is used for analyzing organic solvents
with copper

Platinum-tip with nickel-plated base


Optional for all models
  • Recommended for analysis of aggressive acids (especially HCl, HF, and HClO4) and for higher-matrix samples

Large (18 mm) platinum-tip with copper base


Optional for all models
  • Recommended for the lowest LODs and for highest-matrix samples
  • Suitable for high-viscosity and high-boiling-point acids (i.e. H2SO4 or H3PO4)

Skimmer cones

Selection by ion lens configuration and ICP-MS series

Description x-lens s-lens (semicon)
  7700 (+e)/7800/8800 7900/8900 7700/7900/8800 8900
Nickel G3280-67041 G8400-67200 G3280-67066 G3666-67421
Platinum, with copper base G3280-67060 G8400-67201 G3280-67064 G3666-67401
Platinum, with nickel base G3280-67063 G8400-67202 G3280-67065 G3666-67411

Note: Shaded cells denote standard configuration.

Skimmer bases

Selection first by ion lens configuration and ICP-MS series, then by interface cone material (nickel or platinum)

Description x-lens s-lens (semicon)
  7700 (+e)/7800/8800 7900 8900 7900 7700/8800 8900
Stainless steel
(use with nickel cones)
G3280-60608 G8400-60624 G3666-60301 G8400-60627 G1833-65591 -
(use with platinum cones)
G3280-60621 G8400-60625 G3666-60311 G8400-60626 G1833-65590 G3666-60401

Note: Shaded cells denote standard configuration.