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FAME Columns

Faster, More Confident
FAME Analysis

New Agilent J&W DB-FastFAME high-resolution
GC columns for separating positional cis-trans isomers

oil-based dressing

Perform fast analysis of FAMEs with superior resolution—even for challenging cis-trans isomers

Agilent J&W DB-FastFAME GC columns feature a mid-content cyanopropyl phase (USP G48). They are engineered for rapid, selective analysis of saturated and polyunsaturated FAMEs—including challenging cis-trans isomers. Best of all, they allow you to resolve complex FAME separations in half the time of traditional 100 m columns.

Reliable separations in less than 50 minutes

Our new, longer DB-FastFAME GC columns can analyze a 63-component FAME mixture within 48 minutes, with most cis-trans isomers baseline separated. These include several C18:1, C18:2, and C18:3 cis-trans positional isomers.

In addition, they provide the selectivity you need to resolve all critical fatty acids in food samples. So you can comply with label requirements.

You also benefit from these features:

  • Columns are individually tested with a FAME mixture to ensure reproducible FAME equivalent chain length (ECL) values.
  • They comply with AOAC, AOCS, IOC, and GB regulatory methods.
  • The cyanopropyl phase of DB-FastFAME is bonded, cross-linked, and solvent rinseable.
  • Intuvo configurations are available.

48-minute separation of 63 FAMEs using a 90 m DB-FastFAME column

Chromatogram Enlarge

Cis-trans C18:1, C18:2, and C18:3 FAME isomers analyzed on a 90 m DB-FastFAME column

Chromatogram Enlarge

Productivity tool kit

productivity tool kit materials
  • On-demand webinar: Learn how to select the most efficient GC column—and how to enable baseline separation of critical FAMEs and fatty acids on a single column
  • Brochure: Comprehensive Analysis of FAMEs, Fatty Acids, and Triglycerides
  • Application notes: FAMEs and fatty acids analysis
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48-minute separation of 63 FAMEs using a 90 m DB-FastFAME column


Cis-trans C18:1, C18:2, and C18:3 FAME isomers analyzed on a 90 m DB-FastFAME column


Select the right column for your samples

Type of Fatty Acid CP-FFAP CB DB-FATWAX UI DB-FastFAME CP-Sil 88 for FAME/HP-88 Select FAME CP-TAP CB for Triglycerides ChromSpher Lipids (LC)
Short-chain free fatty acids (C2-C6) Yes Yes No No No No No
Medium-chain free fatty acids (C6-C16) Yes Yes No No No No No
Long-chain free fatty acids (C16-C24) Yes No No No No No No
Omega 3 & 6 FAMEs No Yes Yes Yes Yes No No
FAMEs by degree of saturation No Yes No No No No No
FAME groups of cis and trans isomers No No Yes Yes Yes No No
FAMEs geometrical positional isomers No No Yes Yes Yes No No
Cholesterol and triglycerides No No No No No Yes Yes
  • Faster
  • Slower

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