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Custom CGH and CGH+SNP Content at your Finger Tips

Agilent CGH Assay Workflow

Custom CGH and CGH+SNP Content at your Finger Tips

Overcome technology limitations with robust customization tools and streamlined software analysis for CNV and LOH detection

Agilent's high quality, oligonucleotide library synthesis (OLS) based CGH microarrays accurately detect copy number variations at the whole genome level. Unlike other SNP-based, chromosomal microarray analysis (CMA) platforms, Agilent offers a true 2 color comparison between validated, biological reference DNA and sample. Agilent's CGH microarrays are manufactured with proprietary (OLS) technology, which produces high quality 60 mer long oligos optimized to precisely target any region of interest with base pair resolution. Agilent's aCGH platform features a combination of optimal probe length and probe coverage to accurately detect small differences in copy number changes.

  • Access SureDesign, a free online customization tool with > 29 million probes
  • Detect exon level copy number changes on arrays
  • No minimum orders or premium price requirements
  • Improve data analysis and interpretation with new Alissa software platform
  • Multiple applications - Prenatal, Postnatal and Cancer

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Customization never got this easy for array CGH

Agilent Custom CGH+SNP Microarray product line uses Agilent's SurePrint technology to design and print user-defined CGH+SNP microarrays. Using Agilent's eArray free application, users can design their own CGH+SNP microarrays to detect copy number changes and copy neutral aberrations, such as loss of heterozygosity (LOH) and uniparental disomy (UPD), on the same array.

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Customization never got this easy for array CGH

CytoGenomics Software tools

Agilent CytoGenomics provides a statistically and visually powerful tool to streamline the day-to-day cytogenetic sample analysis research workflow. It offers full support for efficient analysis of cytogenetic samples and easy report generation, based on information from both external databases and an internal database. These self-paced tutorials help in better understanding of how to best use this software in your research.

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CytoGenomics Software tools

Complete CGH Assay Workflow

The Agilent microarray workflow is streamlined and takes less time to process samples compared with other methods. Agilent offers complete solutions with reagents and instruments needed to process your aCGH data including custom and catalog arrays, labeling kits, hybridization and wash solutions, hybridization oven, the SureScan microarray scanner, and easy-to-use software to interpret your results.

Complete CGH Assay Workflow

Why choose Agilent Assays?
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    • Unparalleled Bioinformatics
    • Streamlined data analysis

    • CytoGenomics can analyze CGH data for RUO

    • Robust Assay Conditions
    • Two-color platform with new improved dyes for light and ozone tolerance

    • Short workflow without PCR

    • Complete experiment in small space — no special room required

    • Multiple Applications
    • Cancer, Prenatal and Postnatal, IVF

    • Excellent Data Quality and Custom Content
    • High quality 60-mers

    • Sample to biological reference vs insilico comparison

    • Mosaicism detection down to 8%

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For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.