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Accelerate Your Research - Agilent enhanced automation solutions for superior analysis

Accelerate Your Research

Agilent enhanced automation solutions deliver superior analysis

When your research lab can’t afford mistakes, trust Agilent automation solutions for fast, reliable, and accurate liquid handling

Manual sample preparation can be variable and error prone—leading to time-consuming rework, wasted supplies,
and poor sample data.

Agilent automation solutions make sample prep simpler, more accurate, and more efficient.

Agilent Bravo Metabolomics Sample Prep Platform

Better reproducibility, fewer replicates, faster results

Sample preparation inconsistency can lead to errors in assays and low confidence in your results. You can ensure consistent metabolomics sample preparation with the Agilent Bravo Metabolomics Sample Prep Platform.

Based on the proven Agilent Bravo automated liquid handler, this new metabolomics-specific sample prep solution allows users of all experience levels to:

  • Standardize plasma sample preparation: Intuitive Agilent Bravo Metabolomics Workbench software guides you through metabolite extraction from plasma samples for LC/MS analysis.
  • Increase reproducibility: Achieve tighter CVs compared to manual sample preparation methods.
  • Minimize variability: Maintain consistent data no matter who is running the protocol.
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New metabolomics productivity resources

Learn the latest strategies for discovering meaningful biomarkers with greater speed.

  • Brochure: Better Reproducibility, Fewer Replicates, Faster Results
  • Data sheet: Agilent Bravo Metabolomics Sample Prep Platform
  • Technical overview: Automated Metabolite Extraction for Plasma
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Where it all starts: Metabolomics research requires dependable and consistent sample preparation.

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PlateLoc thermal microplate sealer

Make microplate sealing faster, easier,
and more reliable

The automated Agilent PlateLoc thermal microplate sealer easily adapts to a wide range of standard microplates and tube racks. It enables you to:

  • Simplify your procedures: A touch-screen interface enables fast, easy manual operation
  • Improve precision: With ±2 °C sealing temperature control and advanced seal slitting control, seal integrity will be the same for every microplate
  • Save time: Fast cycling—with no required cool-down periods—ensure rapid microplate sealing
  • Integrate with ease: A small footprint makes it easy to add the PlateLoc thermal microplate sealer to your workflow
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Sealer selection guide

Quickly find the sealer consumables you need, based on factors such as adhesion, dimensions, and application.

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NEW product brochure

See how the PlateLoc thermal microplate sealer ensures the best possible seal for any microplate.

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AssayMAP Bravo platform

Automate your protein and peptide sample preparation

Start your LC/MS workflow right with the automated AssayMAP protein sample preparation platform. It delivers increased consistency, reliability, efficiency, and walk-away time, allowing you to:

  • Improve precision: Eliminate tedious tasks and reduce human error with easy-to-master automation.
  • Save time: Simplify your most challenging workflows by combining chemistries and lab-tested protocols on a single platform.
  • Increase throughput: Prepare protein and peptide samples for LC/MS analysis across a growing list of biopharmaceutical and proteomics workflows.
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NEW AssayMAP workflow kit

Learn how to get more done, faster, without sacrificing precision. Kit includes:

  • On-demand webinar: Three Steps to Glycan Success, featuring an easy-to-learn workflow that integrates a single set of tools
  • AssayMAP literature: including product brochure and flyer, and glycan analysis application note
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Enhance reproducibility and accelerate your LC/MS protein quantitation and characterization through superior sample preparation.

Agilent Bravo NGS sample prep

Fast, accurate sequencing begins with automated sample prep

Whether you process a few samples or thousands, Agilent’s automated next-generation sequencing (NGS) sample preparation innovations help ensure consistent results right from the start.

  • Free up valuable time: Ready-to-use automation protocols are available for common Agilent and non-Agilent NGS sample preparation kits. We also support protocol development, optimization, and troubleshooting.
  • Minimize human error: Agilent NGS automation equipment allows you to perform pipetting steps with the highest precision and reproducibility.
  • Quickly scale up throughput: Grow from a small subset into a multitude of different samples using our flexible NGS automation solutions.
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NEW NGS Automation Citation Index

Quickly access the bibliographic information you need to accelerate your work, and stay abreast of NGS applications being performed around the globe.

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See how the advanced features of Agilent Bravo NGS and NGS Workstation can improve lab efficiency and simplify your workflow.

Agilent BenchCel workstation

Simplify your common microplate workflows

The Agilent BenchCel Workstation portfolio automates routine and advanced microplate handling—freeing you and your staff to be as productive as possible. These systems allow you to:

  • Integrate multiple devices onto a single, scalable BenchCel Microplate Handler
  • Streamline common microplate applications—such as plate sealing, barcode labeling, serial dilutions, and microplate replication
  • Simplify software operation for users of all levels—Intuitive VWorks Automation Control software:
    • provides a single user interface for all integrated devices
    • is preloaded with application-focused protocols
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Take a closer look at the Agilent BenchCel Workstation portfolio

Agilent Bravo automated liquid handling platform

Increase throughput, walk-away time, and data reproducibility

The innovative Agilent Bravo platform accurately aspirates and dispenses liquids over a wide volume range.

Precise Pipetting

  • Single-well to full-plate transfers support a variety of applications
  • Interchangeable liquid handling heads maximize flexibility

One platform for all your applications

  • Nine on-deck positions for plates, tips, and accessories
  • Open design facilitates easy deck access
  • Integration with plate handlers and other devices for expanded capabilities

Easy implementation for both novice and experienced users

  • Drag-and-drop tasks simplify protocol setup
  • Form overlay delivers an intuitive user interface
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Get your technical overview authored by Applied Proteomics

This in-depth resource is part of our Automation Info Kit, which includes real-world success stories and detailed product information.

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Take a closer look at the speed, reliability, and consistency of the Agilent Bravo.

Agilent pipette tips/consumables

Inaccurate pipetting can lead to missed targets and other experimental errors. Agilent-certified pipette tips are designed and evaluated to function predictably in all of your experiments. They deliver:

  • Accurate results: High-quality pipette tips ensure consistency for every experiment.
  • Superior quality: Pipette tips are manufactured and tested in a tightly controlled ISO 9001 and ISO 11137 environment.
  • Increased uptime: Together with the Agilent Bravo Automated Liquid Handling Platform, Agilent-certified pipette tips promote workflow efficiency.

Agilent-certified pipette tips are also available in a range of sizes and configurations to meet all your experimental needs.

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Maximize your automation workflow

Learn more about our complete line of pipette tips and rack configurations

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Watch our expert video
Hear Scott Weitze, QA Specialist, talk about quality control and functional performance testing

Researchers around the world are accelerating their work with ease and accuracy

The Bravo system ensures that the whole screening process runs smoothly from beginning to the end.

Zhao-hu Lin, Ph.D.

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I was impressed with the Bravo from the very first day. We took it out of the box, and in 15 minutes it was already running.

Alexandre Garcia

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One of the real strengths of the Bravo platform is that it can be used for a variety of applications.

Paige Vinson, Ph.D.

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The nice thing about the Bravo is it can pick up all 384 tips at the same time, or a column of tips, a row of tips, or even a single tip. That lets me do things like serial dilutions.

Dave Weaver, Ph.D.

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For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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