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Agilent at ASMS 2023

Intelligence that inspires

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We hope you have enjoyed the 2023 ASMS Conference!

Agilent introduced innovative products and comprehensive workflows that will enhance data quality and productivity, giving you the peace-of-mind to focus on what inspires you. 

Enhance your ion mobility workflows with intelligent software and superior measurement

Explore the new and exciting capabilities of ion mobility (IM) software and databases. Check back in after the show to view the seminar on demand. You’ll learn how to:

  • Advance your ability to separate and recognize isomers and identify unknowns.
  • Streamline workflows associated with metabolomics, lipidomics, PFAS, and qual-quant screening.
  • Improve your IM measurements with HRdm high-resolution demultiplexing.

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Monday, June 5

From Screening to Confirmation: A Comprehensive Food Safety Analysis

Accelerating Analysis in the BioPharma Laboratory

Tuesday, June 6

Multi-omic, mass spectrometry-based elucidation of mechanisms of L-asparaginase toxicity in a mouse model of cancer

Revolutionize your GC/MS analysis with the power of hydrogen carrier gas and AI technology

Wednesday, June 7

Elucidating Cellular Metabolism with a Full Suite of Next-Generation Omics Tools

Unravelling the PFAS puzzle with Comprehensive Targeted & Untargeted Workflows

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Rock-solid evidence

Screen for thousands of contaminants with little method development effort. The Agilent Revident LC/Q-TOF will increase your lab’s throughput with dedicated workflows that adhere to broadly accepted regulatory guidelines.

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Impactful biological results

The Agilent 6495 LC/TQ provides high sensitivity without compromising reproducibility. Comprehensive workflow solutions put you on the fast track to confident results and allow both new and experienced users to generate meaningful insights.

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AI peak integration for Agilent MassHunter

Our new adaptable AI-assisted software, pushes automatic peak integration to a new level of accuracy, drastically minimizing the need for manual integration.

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Could not join ASMS 2023?

No worries. You can still learn about all the new Agilent mass spectrometry products and breakthroughs. Play this video for a walk through of our hospitality suite at ASMS.

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Careers at Agilent: Let’s bring great science to life

Join our global team and create some of the world’s leading-edge laboratory technology. You’ll work side-by-side with customers, helping them maximize productivity and achieve superior scientific outcomes.

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