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Cary 60 Fiber Optic Coupler

Cary 60 Fiber Optic Coupler

Takes the instrument to the sample
Fitting the Cary 60 with a fiber optic coupler takes the light from the instrument to a sample up to 3 meters away. The Cary 60 fiber optic coupler has a single fiber optic channel, covering the wavelength range of the instrument. A fiber optic probe appropriate for the measurement quickly and easily plugs into the connector on the accessory, so the standard Cary 60 spectrophotometer converts into a remote measurement system in less than 2 minutes. These remote measurements are useful in situations such as when sterile conditions need to be maintained; high temperatures or pressures are present; radiation or poisons prevent direct handling of samples; measurements need to be performed inside a glove box; or monitoring a reaction in a process bath.

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