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Enhanced Matrix Removal - Lipid - Recommended Protocols

QuEChERS and protein precipitation are widely accepted and adopted sample prep methods in the food market as well as many others. Removal of lipids is highly desirable as they diminish method performance and instrument lifetime by introducing interferences, depositing in the analytical flow path, and causing matrix effects in mass spectrometry.

The need for lipid removal is well understood, but current methods often sacrifice analyte recovery, removing some of your target analytes along with the lipids.

Now, you do not have to choose between lipid removal and analyte recovery, because Bond Elut QuEChERS Enhanced Matrix Removal-Lipid delivers the most complete lipid removal and analyte recovery of any sample prep product.

Enhanced Matrix Removal-Lipid (EMR-Lipid), unlike any other type of sample prep, is a unique sorbent that selectively removes lipids in complex matrices, so you can remove lipids without losing your analytes.

In addition, EMR-Lipid uses a convenient dispersive solid phase extraction (dSPE) format, allowing you to easily incorporate it into your existing sample preparation workflows. The innovative EMR-Lipid technology efficiently removes lipids from a wide range of samples using a single sorbent material, regardless of the sample fat content.

Standard protocols will eliminate the need for extensive method development previously needed to handle samples with fatty matrices. Predefined protocols also lessen the need for rigorous training and documentation, reducing complexity and streamlining lab productivity to reduce operating costs.

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