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MP-AES Systems

MP-AES Systems

The safest, most cost-effective, flexible analysis with Agilent MP-AES systems

Agilent’s industry-leading microwave plasma-atomic emission spectrometer (MP-AES) systems are powerful, cost-efficient and easy-to-use for a wide range of applications from routine analysis to complex precious metals analysis. By running on air, Agilent MP-AES systems both cost less and are safer than alternative methods that rely on flammable gases. The innovative Agilent 4210 MP-AES system offers higher sensitivity and faster throughput capabilities than flame atomic absorption.

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Featured Customer Testimonials

Joaquim A. Nobrega

Professor, Federal University of Sao Carlos, Brazil

"Two important advantages of this instrument are its low running costs and laboratory safety, as no expensive or flammable gases are required. Considering cost, performance, and multi-element capabilities, the Agilent MP-AES is a suitable and efficient alternative to flame AA for this application (determination of silicon in diesel and biodiesel) and presents better performance for critical elements such as the one investigated here."

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Michael Wang

General Manager, Etran Technologies

"We used the MP-AES to integrate into our automated river water monitoring technology, which formerly used colorimetric and electrochemistry analyzers. With the MP-AES system integrated into our technology, we can quickly analyze all the elements we want with excellent repeatability, accuracy and detection limits. The low cost of operation and inherent safety of the MP-AES also makes it ideally suited to this remote river water application."

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Mr. John Erasmus

DISTELL, South Africa

"Agilent’s MP-AES is well suited for the rapid elemental analysis of liquid samples such as wine and spirits. Because it is automated, it is easy to load and use, and frees-up valuable staff time with its walk-away platform. Replacing our AA instruments with the Agilent’s MP-AES has enabled us to increase both the volume and range of samples we analyze in our laboratory. The platform is robust and can quickly perform sensitive multi-element analyses on a single sample, and provides rich analysis data with its impressive software capabilities. Its lack of drift provides a consistent QC range—even after 180 sample runs—which was not the case with the AA instrument. I would recommend Agilent

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Stephen Graves

Graduate Research Assistant, University of Wisconsin at Madison

“The low cost of ownership and simple user interface of the Agilent 4200 MP-AES make this system an excellent addition to our lab. Previously, we had to outsource trace-metal analysis samples to contract organizations. Now we have on-demand access to trace-metal analysis. Medical radiochemistry labs could benefit from this trace-metal analysis system, particularly those producing PET radiometals.” Although limits of detection are somewhat higher than conventional ICP, the cost of ownership and lack of required maintenance makes the MP-AES system more viable in many applications. In our field of medical radiochemistry, it is also beneficial that we can run samples which are still radioacti

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