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Ordering Details for LC & CE Instrument Drivers

LC and CE Drivers are not sold as separate products but are available withAgilent Chromatographic Data Systems (CDS) such as OpenLAB CDS, ChemStation Edition, OpenLABEZChrom Editionand MassHuntersoftware. Agilent drivers can also be seamlessly integrated into third party Chromatographic Data Systems with the Agilent Instrument Control Framework (ICF),so that these CDSs can easily use all Agilent instrument features.

For access to latest instruments, features and software improvements, a driver update may be required. For some CDSs, this is done by upgrading the CDS or an ICF integration.

For Agilent OpenLAB CDS, drivers can be updated independently. Driver packages for these CDSs are available in Agilent Subscribenet. Detailed information about new modules, features, compatibility and installation is provided in driver release notes.