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1260 Infinity II Bio-Inert Pump - Ordering

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Description Part Number
1260 Infinity II Bio-Inert Quaternary Pump (600 bar)
Includes integrated degassing unit, iron-free solvent delivery, extended pH range and high-salt compatibility and active seal wash. Checkout column included.
HPLC System Tool Kit
Contains tools required for operating and maintaining the system from the Agilent InfinityLab LC Series.
AdvanceBio SEC column
300 Å, 2.7 μm, 4.6 x 300 mm
Agilent Bio SCX column
NP5, 4.6 x 50 mm
Max Uptime Kit Bio
Includes a second set of capillaries, fittings, filters and other parts.
Agilent Lab Advisor Advanced Software
Includes core software and licenses for 10 hardware modules. Enable observation and analysis of 1 to 2 typical LC systems from one PC.
Delete Agilent Buffer Advisor
Deletes Agilent Buffer Advisor Software.

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