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Laser Ablation Accessories for Agilent 7500 Series ICP-MS

Laser ablation ICP-MS is a widely used technique for the direct surface analysis of solid samples. The Agilent
7500 Series excellent sensitivity, high speed simultaneous detector and 9 orders dynamic range makes it
perfectly suited to laser ablation analysis. With control via the 7500 Series ChemStation software, LA-ICP-MS is
highly flexible, often used to ablate a single spot for inclusion analysis, raster (moving track) for bulk analysis, or
perform precise depth profiling studies. More.




  • Identifies trace elemental and isotopic characteristics at ppb levels, accurately, in a wide range of sample types
  • Eliminates sample preparation steps, reducing analysis time
  • Permits analysis of difficult-to-digest metal alloys
  • Consumes small sample amounts, often less than one microgram, preserving the original sample and thus enabling additional measurements, if necessary
  • Data can be manipulated in real-time
  • Compatible with optional software packages including: Glitterâ„¢ data reduction software (GEMOC Laser ICP-MS Total Trace Element Reduction), Macquarie University, Australia